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Our New Trade Gallon Locking Tray Helps Increase Individual Average Transaction
December 14, 2015

Looking for a new way to increase your individual average transaction this coming season? Then look to the new Trade Gallon Locking Tray from Landmark Plastic. Our new patent-pending design incorporates a simple fastening system that locks pots firmly in place for growers and retailers – encouraging end-users to buy three plants at a time, instead of just one.

"Some of the best ideas are the simplest," grins Landmark's national accounts manager, Fred DeSantis. "So when we talked with growers and retailers about increasing their sales, we uncovered a simple way to accomplish that," finishes DeSantis.

Landmark's new locking tray system also enables growers and retailers to more easily create themed multi-packs for Fourth of July-, Memorial Day- or other holiday-related activities, not to mention specific color schemes to accent various plant offerings. The new locking system further helps growers by maintaining the 3-count pack at retail without the need to change plants – a big step toward eliminating shrink.

Plus, the new Trade Gallon Locking Tray gives growers and retailers the opportunity to move more less-desired inventory, while also improving perceived value and margins with the uniqueness of a 3-pack offering.

Moreover, since the Landmark's new Trade Gallon Locking Tray prevents products from bouncing around and becoming unseated from their trays during transportation, retail handling, and end-customer usage, it improves product integrity dramatically.

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