Square and Round Pots

Landmark offers a wide variety of square and round pots in a selection of sizes and colors, all designed for durability, healthy plants and chaos-free use.

Our thermoformed round pots feature bi-level drainage to promote air pruning and discourage root circling, for healthier plants. Incorporate your branding with a duotone printing, co-extruded colors, or direct printing on the pot's surface.

Our injection-molded square and round pots are made with high-quality polypropylene resin for durability and versatility. Choose from Maxi-Grow pots with bi-level drainage holes that inhibit seal-off, or Maxi-Grow Plus with a wider lip plus side and bottom drainage.

Our nursery containers feature our patented Maxi-Grow Plus Rim-Lok bottom for secure stacking and easier transportation. Standard colors include black, green and terra cotta.

  • All pots are engineered to work precisely with automation equipment
  • Easy-to-read rim tag slots available for many of our round pots
  • Most Landmark pots are available in a wide array of colors
  • To learn more about our branding, printing and labeling capabilities, call 1-800-242-1183 to talk with a member of our sales team

Injection Molded Pots
Azalea Pots: Traditional

Azalea Pots: Maxi-Grow™ Series

Azalea Pots: Maxi-Grow Plus™ Series

Geranium Pots

Trade Round

Mum Pan: Maxi-Grow Plus™

Standard Round Pots: Maxi-Grow™ and Traditional Series

Foliage Cage

Square Pots: Maxi-Grow™ and Traditional Series


Nursery Containers

Deco Series

Pot Covers