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Product Categories

Our product categories range from propagation, packs and trays, thermoformed and injection molded round and square pots, hanging baskets, and more. Our online product catalog provides product specs and lists compatible products.


Landmark's series of propagation trays, sheets and packs are manufactured precisely for integration with seedling and transplanting equipment.

Bedding Packs & Trays

Landmark's selection of bedding packs and trays with 12 different outside trim dimensions is among the industry's best.

Market Packs & Landscape Trays

Landmark's line of market packs and landscape trays have the shelf appeal, quality and design to attract both landscapers and consumers.

Thermoformed Containers

Our thermoformed and co-extruded thermoformed round and square pots come in a wide selection of sizes and colors.


Landmark's transport trays are ready for growing, loading for travel and helping create better retail sales.

Injection Molded Containers

Our injection-molded round and square pots are made with high-quality polypropylene resin for durability and versatility.

Plant Support

Our variety of durable plant support products are designed to support plants, while not getting in their way as they continue to grow.

Hanging Baskets & Accessories

Attractive, functional and ready to use by both growers and consumers.

Water Conservation

The Landmark line of water collectors and custom-designed Water-Matic trays save water, fertilizer and time.

Botanica Collection

Our Botanica Collection is a line of premium decorative containers.


From propagation to patio, professional quality products for the do-it-yourself grower.

Our Distributors

Are you in need of information to contact our distributors? Our "Where to Buy" page has an extensive list of our distributors across the U.S. and Canada. Please contact customer service if you have additional questions.

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