New Products

Welcome to our NEW PRODUCT page! For over 35 years Landmark Plastic has been a leader in horticultural innovation. We invest our efforts heavily in research and development in order to provide our customers with the best products for the healthy success of their plants and product sales. Many of the product segments that exist in the market today can be traced to the passion that Landmark put into pioneering products decades ago. Our owner and other executives, tooling managers, designers, production managers and sales managers meet weekly to discuss new product opportunities.

We will happily work with any grower, retailer, allied supplier or end customer to come up with a product that better meets your needs. Let us leverage our size, in-house tooling and private ownership structure to provide you the quick decisions and turnaround time you need.

We encourage you to visit this page regularly to learn more about our new product offerings. Please contact one of our sales managers to discover the possibilities.

Bedding Packs & Trays

TSS Series (7.5" x 20") Packs

TSS Series (7.5" x 20")

Market Packs & Landscape Trays

Landscape Trays

Square and Round Pots

Thermoformed Pot & Tray Systems


Square Pot Trays
True Quart Square Tray

Pint Square Tray


Plug Trays
T Series Plug Trays (10.00" x 20.00")

Octagon Series Plug Trays (20.82" x 10.54")

Botanica Collection

Zen Series

Hemp Propagation Supplies

Plug Trays
T Series Plug Trays (10.00" x 20.00")