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18 Count Tray / 70mm Paper Pot Tray

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Product code 70PT18
Outside dimensions (inches) 10.80 x 21.20
Depth (inches) 3.25
Cell dimensions 3.30 x 3.30
Cell max liquid volume (U.S. / metric) 12.70 fl oz / 375.00 mL
Cell max dry volume (cubic inches) 22.88
Pack max liquid volume (U.S. / metric) 1.79 gal / 6.75 L
Pack max dry volume (cubic inches) 411.84
Drain hole 4 burn holes per cell
Pieces per carton 75
Cartons per pallet 32
Bulk 2,880
Manufacturing Type Thermoformed
*Designed to take you from propagation to mature plant in one tray.
*Directional design to allow tray's to stack on-top of one another and nest, as seen in pictures above.